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3 Ways Resellers Double Their Income with a $1 Auction

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Resellers are making a fortune using the $1 Auction Method to sell items to loyal, local customers!

There are 3 main ways utilizing the $1 Auction Method as a reseller can double your income!

1. Items can sell for more than your asking price: When you place an item on your $1 auction there is always a chance that you will only make $1. As you grow your group, however, the potential for higher prices increases exponentially. Establishing the amount you want to sell an item for mentally then bumping your item often within the 48 hour time frame, growing your group daily and offering consistent, excellent products that are easy to purchase and pick up is a recipe for increasing bids, repeat buyer and ever increasing prices on all items posted.

2. Membership fees make up for low bids: All others who are selling in your auction will be required to pay a fee to do so. Collecting the membership fee will be an ongoing subscription that will allow you to make up the cost of any items that receive a low bid and take in additional consistent income on top of sales generated.

3. Advertise your resale store in your $1 Auction: Creating, managing and monetizing a local $1 Auction will give you the audience you are looking for to gain traction in your resale store. List your store as a sponsor of your $1 Auction, do monthly giveaways sponsored by your resale store, create weekly coupons/Ad's for your resale store that are advertised as a weekly sale within your $1 Auction and sale ad. to get started on migrating members.

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