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3 Major Benefits of Becoming a Pot O' Gold Member

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

We are so excited to offer Pot O' Gold membership for members of the Greater Waterloo/Cedar Falls $1 Auction! Pot O' Gold membership brings with it several benefits for individual members, as well as, the overall group! Here are the top 3 benefits of becoming a Pot O' Gold member:

1. List Your Events on the Website and Within the Auction Group: Get local exposure for your upcoming events and drive up attendance! List your yard sales, garage sales, craft fairs, street fairs, farmers markets and small business sales on our website and as an individual event on the $1 auction group.

2. All Pot O' Gold Members are Automatically Entered in the Monthly Pot O' Gold Giveaway: Pot O' Gold Giveaways have a value of up to $200 and are only available to Pot O' Gold members. Pot O' Gold Giveaway members are selected in a drawing conducted in the Greater Waterloo/Cedar Falls $1 Auction group. CLICK HERE to learn about this months giveaway.

3. Keep Unlimited Bidding & Posting Available for All: While group membership is not currently required to sell or bid on the the Greater Waterloo/Cedar Falls $1 Auction, participating in the Pot O' Gold Membership will guarantee that we will not be required to place restrictions on how many items a group member can sell or bid on in the future.

CLICK HERE to join the group

CLICK HERE to learn more about Pot O' Gold Membership

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