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Want to Open a Business But Not Sure Which One?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Here are 5 Types of People Who Would Be AWESOME $1 Auction Managers!

I meet people all the time who are interested in working from home and/or finding a legitimate way to make money online. Over the past year, I've met a variety of people who have found success selling on my $1 auction that would also do very well starting their own $1 auctions and wanted to share these with you in case you fall into one of these categories and are interested in starting an online business.

The first person who would do well as a $1 auction manager is a mom who works from home or is home with kiddos, is looking for great deals on items for her kids and home and has great organizational and administrative skills. I myself fall into this category and although I do not often sell in my $1 auction, I have found great success when it comes to finding items I need or want at a great price, creating a passive income and getting to know new people.

If you are a perpetual yard/garage seller and people know you to have several local yard/garage sales a year, starting a local $1 auction is an awesome way to keep your sales going 365 days a year, make daily sales and ensure you are making a good profit for most of your items rather than haggling over quarters with deal hunters who attend your sale.

If you are a thrifter and have a knack for finding great items at thrift stores and think you might also be interested in consigning for others or locating great deals for others, a $1 auction set up might just be the key to getting your business off the ground!

Resellers are finding out that the $1 auction method allows them to make daily sales, keep their available items fresh and trendy and create opportunities to branch off into sale groups for specific buyers.

And finally, if you own a small product based business and are looking to get the word out about what you offer, save money on costly shipping and even take custom orders, having a $1 auction will give you an additional stream of income, free advertising, repeat customers and possible daily sales!


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